Princes of the Yen DVD

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In 2003 renowned economist Prof.Richard Werner released a book titled “Princes of the Yen”. Ahead of it’s time the book became a number one bestseller in Japan, yet, over ten years after it was first released, the English version, is still in its first edition.

This documentary, based on the book, is told within the context of the history of 20th Century Japan. It meticulously explains the puzzle of central banks and the social, political and economic impacts their actions have. It provides the viewer with a new understanding of economics and shows how events that may appear disjointed in popular discourse are in reality intimately intertwined.

In the conclusion the European context is brought into perspective and the viewer discovers how the Bank of Japan’s actions in the 90s are remarkably similar to the ECB’s of the present day.

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Essential Viewing if you’ve any interest at all in economics or politics

Steve Morrissey –